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Welcome to your Resilient Leader's Assessment® LITE

During this 5 minute assessment you will get an insight into the full Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP™)

You will learn: 

  • Your basic Resilient Leaders profile 

  • Your top three strengths

  • A key development area with a challenge to help you progress

  • A language to help you differentiate yourself at work or in interviews

Take the full RLDP and begin your resilient leadership journey


RLDP™ LITE: Your evaluation

This should be an honest evaluation of how often you currently demonstrate the behaviours associated with Resilient Leaders.  


Move the slider up and down the frequency scale to describe your current position for each of the statements below.


I am rigorous, making sure my decisions have solid foundations and create contingency plans.

I put other peoples’ needs first.

I understand my strengths, weaknesses and motivations.

I vary my decision making style according to the situation.

I create alignment through effective communication with a wide range of people.

I understand the strengths, weaknesses and motivations of people around me. 

I am a creative problem solver.

My actions demonstrate integrity, conviction and my values.

I have a vision and realistic strategy for the future.

I understand how systems, environment and culture affect performance. 

I follow through, making sure we achieve our goals. 

I am a positive force, encouraging people and helping them stay focused. 

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