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Make resilience part of your leadership journey.

We are focused on building resilient leaders and making world class leadership development available for all. 

We do this by:

Accrediting coaches, leadership consultants, and those responsible for developing leadership in others to use the transformational RLE™ framework and our bespoke software – Resilient Leaders Development Programme - RLDP™.

The RLE™ is a comprehensive framework of leadership, practically based and universally applicable.  Commonly found in resilient leaders – now decoded, demystified and set out as the essential elements needed to master resilient leadership. 

The RLDP™ is built by leaders for leaders. It uniquely integrates emotional and cognitive intelligence, allowing individuals to assess themselves against the RLE framework, gain 360 feedback and take tailored challenges to  grow into the resilient leader they want to become. 

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Why resilience?

We live in a world of uncertainties. The only constant is change. 

As a leader, your job is not to foresee “the next thing” whatever that may be. But it is to be able to react to it in a way that allows you to find a way through for yourself, your team and your company. 

In recent years, resilience has become a buzzword. At RLE™ we have been building resilient leaders for years, we know what it takes to build and develop that muscle and what it feels like to be truly tested in times of uncertainty, change or crisis. 

Resilience is not a buzzword to us – it is a way of building balanced leaders able to withstand the weather wherever it may turn.

We know that NOW is the time to build resilience for whatever is round the corner…and we can help you do it. 
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What is a resilient leader?

A Resilient Leader knows where they are strong and their areas for development. They know what takes them from pressure to stress and how to rebalance. 

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A resilient leader has confidence in who they are and what they do so that they create, build and take opportunities, bouncing back, knowing they will find a way through uncertainty, change and even crisis.  


What I do

Could you build world class resilient leaders? 

The Resilient Leaders Element Accreditation Programme could be for you. 

We are looking for forward-thinking, collaborative and collegiate individuals to join our community of practice via our accreditation programme. 

You will be able to build your own programmes, run RLDP™ with clients and colleagues and will get the access to a world-wide community of excellence in practice. 

Would you like to know more?


For full details including the course structure, what you'll gain and costs, drop your email below and we'll send all the information straight to your inbox.

Our accreditation programme 

Who I am


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The RLDP is a powerful tool to significantly strengthen your leadership.

The RLDP™ works on both “Who you are” as an individual and “What you do” as a leader to ensure a dramatic shift towards progress. 

Road-tested on over 10,000 leaders and developed several times in its lifetime, most recently in 2020, the RLDP™ is a cutting edge programme laser focused on your progress and development. 

Whether you know your strengthens and development areas, or need help understanding them, the RLDP™ offers a clear route to building and sustaining your resilience throughout your career as a leader. 

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