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Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

Our Communities of Practice (CoP) are dedicated groups that are committed to developing resilient leadership within a sector or for a chosen demographic.

RLE™ Communities of Practice are led by members for members - they ensure that resilient leadership is made available to all, having a positive and transformational effect where it is needed most. They also offer a fantastic opportunity to network and develop an international network of peers, whilst supporting the growth of your practice.

Every Consultant is able to join one or more of our RLE™ communities of practice once they have completed their accreditation.  

Our Communities of Practice 

To use the RLE™ and RLDP™ to help women throughout their career and life transitions as resilient leaders. This includes supporting and challenging each other.

RLE™ and Higher Education

To empower people in Higher Education using values-based approaches to improve the research culture and solve world-challenges through impactful, resilient leadership.

RLE™ and Marine Safety

Effecting continuous improvement in Marine Safety, by appraising and enhancing safety systems, developing leadership, and strengthening teams.

We believe all teachers are leaders. We understand leadership in education and want to positively impact pupils’ lives by developing teachers into great leaders. Our children deserve to have world class leaders teaching them.

RLE™ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We believe that everyone has the right: to belong, to be seen, to be heard and to be included.

RLE™ and Young Adults

To support RLCs in using the RLE™ and RLDP™ to develop resilient leadership capability in Young Adults. 

What our Consultants say

Mountains in Clouds
Mandy Preville-Findlay: RLE™ CoP; Schools; Young Adults;
Women as Resilient Leaders

"The RLE CoP has provided me with a range of opportunities to reflect on and challenge my perception of what leadership is. This community pushes at the boundaries of is and explores what could be. It is a safe space, where all are welcomed."

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