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Could you build resilient leaders?

In your organisation or as part of your practice.

The Resilient Leaders Elements Accreditation Programme could be for you. 

We are looking for forward-thinking, collaborative and collegiate individuals to join our community of practice via our Accreditation Programme. 

You will be able to confidently and competently use the universal framework of the RLE™ and the ground-breaking RLDP™ online assessment and development programme in your practice.  

Help others become more confident in Who They Are and What they Do as a leader:  they will achieve their goals, have heightened levels of awareness, have presence even when they’re not in the room and confidence they will make sounds decisions in challenging environments.


Week on week in depth sessions 

Work with seasoned Resilient Leaders Consultants who have achieved mastery and used the RLE™ and RLDP™ in own practice.

Be welcomed into a network with likeminded leadership specialists 

Within your group and subsequently, as part of the Community of Practice we ensure you can learn from and contribute irrespective of your experience or background.  

Develop your own leadership and RLE™ profile

Become more confident and competent in your own leadership capability by using the RLDP™ for yourself and with others.

Learn in an environment of supportive challenge

Your accreditors create an environment where supportive challenge is the norm.  Feel safe to be yourself, to experiment and to share what you learn. This is a foretaste of the culture within the wider community of practice and ensures you can fully benefit from membership. 

Develop your own RLE™ leadership programme 

See the difference you can make to the resilient leadership of ‘friendly clients’ by using your own RLE™ programme with them.

Preparation time and example 'Showcases' 

Your learning and confidence are consolidated through preparing and delivering your own  ‘Showcase’.  Listening to showcases of your colleagues deepens and continues your learning.

Showcases are the cornerstones of your RLE™ journey. 

Regular one to ones with your accreditors

We ensure you are ready to proceed to the next phase of your accreditation by having one to one conversations with you. 

Full resources and information on RLE™ and RLDP™

We want you to be successful in using the RLE™ and RLDP™ so we provide you with all the resources you need to build a comprehensive practice. Once you are accredited, you also get access to all our professional development videos, resources, tools and communities. 

Assigned 'buddy' for accountability and co-learning

Your learning and engagement are deepened through support and challenge with a ‘buddy’ on the same accreditation programme. We vet our potential consultants to ensure they are the right fit for the programme and eventually for our community. We then carefully match buddy pairs.  

Over 30 hours of training spread over five months

Our programme covers all aspects of resilient leadership, we go through the four elements, 12 facets and individual statements via a process of discovery, exploration and application. 

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  • The RLE™ makes your interventions highly effective - You become competent and confident in the use of a comprehensive model of leadership, which is non-theoretical, practically based and universally applicable.  It underpins and gives credibility to your work.  You have access to RLE™ branding and materials and may co-brand that material should you want to.

  • Certification as a result of a rigorous accreditation process - Your completion certificate gives a seal of approval and the right to use the accredited consultant logo in all your communications.

  • Measure and demonstrate the impact of your interventions - Run analytics that give quantitative and qualitative data, demonstrate the impact your work has on individuals, teams and organisations and prove return on investment. 

  • Engage with a programme of personal discovery and learning - Learn through your own experimental use of the RLDP™ and experience of using it with clients so that you develop a deep understanding of the RLE™ and the ways it can be applied in your practice. 

  • Integrate the Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP™) into your work - Personalises, sharpens and prioritises the impact you have by identifying strengths, developing weaknesses and measuring progress for each individual.

  • Membership of the Global Resilient Leaders Consultants Community - Join a group of committed and active consultants who use the RLE™ in service of growth and positive transformation in their practice.  We share, challenge and support each other to learn and develop business that generates revenue.

Coaching with RLDP.png
Our strength is in our community of practitioners. 
Knowing you are the right fit is essential for us. 


  • Consider joining us if you have a strong ethical code, are committed to excellence and truly want to make world-class leadership available to all.

  • Book your appointment to see whether there is a match.  We will have an open discussion about the accreditation, our community and why you would like to join us. 

Next accreditation starting:
12th April 2024

The Accreditation Programme is:
£2250 + VAT

Find out all the details:



What if I don’t see myself as a leader?

We believe everyone is a resilient leader when they are confident in who they are and what they do.

Remember this is a five-month experiential process that evolves; the more you engage and put in, the more you will get out.

Friends Talking Outside
What is the theory behind the RLE™?

The RLE™ is an empirical model. The elements emerged from our systematic evaluation of leadership behaviours that make the difference in times of change, uncertainty and crisis.  We continually check and update the RLDP™ to reflect our ever-growing understanding of resilient leadership. 

RLDP leaders report 2021.png
Do I need to be a coach to do the accreditation?

No, but you need to be strongly motivated by the development of others.  We help you find approaches that enable you to successfully use the RLDP™ with your clients.


After your accreditation we run further professional development that focuses on using the RLDP™ specifically in coaching.

Support Group
What happens if I miss some sessions?

We strongly encourage you to come to all sessions, work with your buddy and do the work in between. All sessions are recorded so in the event you do have to miss one you can catch up via recordings and your buddy.


The homework is critical as it is preparation for and often the content of the next session.  

Writing a Memo
What style of teaching and learning is the programme delivered in?

What works best for the RLDP™ framework is a process of discovery and exploration as you learn. We know from experience that while this is the most effective way to learn, it may unsettle traditional learners who want facts and figures immediately.


Trust the process.  

I’m worried I might not be as ‘good’ as everyone else on my programme?

Come to your accreditation trusting that your experience, stories, ideas and thoughts are of equal value to everyone else on the programme and are worthy of being heard.


We will help you find your voice.

In a Meeting
When will I get to use the RLDP™ with other people?

Before you use the RLDP™ with other people you need to fully experience it for yourself.  We spend the first half of the accreditation focusing on you: your experience, your profile and your development.  We take time to build a supportive and challenging community.  After 9 weeks you get to use the RLDP™ with others.

People chatting
What happens after the accreditation?

You are welcomed in via a ‘virtual party’ with existing members.


Your membership to the community of practice includes a whole range of professional development opportunities and the possibility of joining specific specialist sub-groups. 

Support Group
What time and level of commitment do I need to give to this?  

The RLE™ Accreditation programme runs in 2-hour sessions each week across five months. You will also be expected to work with your buddy for around 2 hours a week.


We have purposely designed the RLE™ Accreditation to be immersive as it ensures better learning outcomes for our participants.  

Tell me about the Community of Practice I get to join?

We vet all entrants into the RLE™ Accreditation to ensure they complement those already in the community. The community has different skills, thoughts and specialisms but they do all have strong ethical codes, are lifelong learners, give their time and knowledge generously and generally want to help each other.  

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