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Navigating Uncertainty:
How to prepare for uncertainty and helping others to do the same

Exploring the Uncertainty Spectrum, setting yourself, your team and your organisation up for success REGARDLESS of the local or global conditions. 

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This webinar is perfect for leadership development professionals, project or team leaders, creative thinkers or trainers – essentially anyone with an interest in developing their or others' leadership potential. 

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We are in an unprecedented period of change and uncertainty, this will not stop anytime soon.

As a leader or a leadership development professional you need ways to ensure you, your team and indeed your organisation can navigate this uncertainty without feeling overwhelmed.

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This webinar gives a clear framework for how we work through the chaos and get back to equilibrium. It is informative, practical and you will come away with clear take-aways you can use immediately to make a difference to you and those around you. 


You will learn:

  • About the uncertainty spectrum and how to plan for success by preparing and responding appropriately at the different points along the spectrum. 

  • Why knowing “change is a constant” and preparing AHEAD of time is key to navigating the uncertainty spectrum so that you come out the other side in a stronger place. 

  • Why your strengths need to come to the fore in a crisis.

  • The factors that affect your relationship with uncertainty.

  • That rebalance is the secret side to resilience and the questions to ask to get back to equilibrium in chaotic times. 

  • How to take all this knowledge and help yourself, your team and your organisation. 

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