From Chaos to Equilibrium:
How to build resilient leaders in an uncertain world

Exploring the Urgency Spectrum and setting yourself, your team and your organisation up for success REGARDLESS of macro-conditions. 

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We are in a period of great change and uncertainty – that is not going to stop anytime soon.

As a leader or a leadership development professional, you need ways to ensure you, your team and indeed your organisation rises to the challenges without keeling over or feeling overwhelmed. 

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This webinar gives a clear framework for how we work through the chaos and get back to equilibrium. It is informative, practical and you will come away with clear take-aways you can use immediately to make a difference to your organisation. 

Perfect for leadership development professionals, project or team leaders, creative thinkers or trainers – essentially anyone with an interest in developing their or others' leadership potential. 


You will learn:

  • What is the urgency spectrum and how to identify where you are at any point.

  • Why knowing “change is a constant” and preparing AHEAD of time is key to navigating the urgency spectrum and coming out the other side in a stronger place. 

  • Understanding your strengths and knowing how they come to the fore in a crisis. 

  • Identifying where you need to develop and putting a plan in place to develop these facets before you need them.

  • That rebalance is the secret side to resilience and how to get back to equilibrium in chaotic times. 

  • How to take all this knowledge and help yourself, your team and your organisation. 

Working at home
It is a FREE 30 minute webinar hosted by Rachel McGill 
co-founder of Resilient Leaders Elements.