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Are you ready to build your resilient leadership?

A bespoke development tool perfect for leaders of all levels. 


Your Resilient Leaders Consultant will take you through an affordable, proven leadership development programme that supports you in building sustainable resilient leadership muscle. This enables you to lead with vision, provide clarity of direction, make robust decisions at the right time, every time. You will be confident in “Who you are” and “What you do”, with an ability to re-balance, re-energise and re-focus even in challenging times of uncertainty. 


All RLE™ programmes are based on the RLDP™ an innovative self and feedback assessment that will show you what’s going on for you right now.  The RLDP™ is a simple online, engaging interface that gives you instantaneous results. It generates a tailored development plan that supports and challenges you to take responsibility for your development.


Whether you know your strengths and development areas, or need help understanding them, the RLDP™ offers a clear route to building and sustaining your resilience throughout your career. 


Creating your
Leadership Goal

Sets a context and a compelling reason to use the RLDP™. Creates a strong personal connection between you and the RLDP™ so that everything it asks you to do makes sense and has meaning.

Building a Resilient Leader’s Mantra

Gives you confidence in the face of adversity. Helps to put challenging situations into perspective so you can deal with them.

Completing both parts of the Self-Assessment

Forces you to be honest in creating an accurate representation of how you see yourself as a leader. It makes you more mindful, conscious and confident in your leadership.  Having clarity about your strengths and development areas allows you to choose how you approach any situation, giving you more control over your future. 

Working in the Challenge Engine

Turns development areas into strengths.  The more you use it the easier it gets and the clearer you become about your leadership.

Exploring your Profile

Simultaneously challenges and confirms your view of yourself. Deepens your understanding of the language of resilient leadership and how it relates to you. Creates a clear representation of where you are now in relation to your goal. Highlights the strengths that will help you achieve your goal and shows the gaps you need to attend to in order to succeed. 

Building a Personalised Learning Log

Your Learning Log captures key insights and forms an invaluable resource that you can access even after you have finished your programme.  A reminder of your strengths, achievements and potential particularly helpful when you go into a period of change and uncertainty.

Receiving Feedback

Gives you a rare opportunity to see yourself as other people see you. Comparing your self-assessment with your feedback means you can make informed and confident decisions about your development. 

Reassessing your resilient leadership

 As a result of working with the RLDP™ you will change. Reassessing your resilient leadership gives renewed confidence in your ability to approach any situation. People know that you are leading differently because you can clearly communicate and demonstrate how you have changed. 


Working Together

Access to the RLDP™ is available via our international team of Resilient Leaders Consultants

Why only through consultants? We believe that you should be supported through your leadership development by someone who can help you make the most of your time on the programme. 

  • Our consultants are fully trained on all aspects of resilient leadership and on using, and helping you interpret, the RLDP™ to turbo-charge your leadership growth.

  • Resilient Leader’s consultants have different backgrounds and specialities. To find one who suits you, go to our Consultant’s Directory and find your match. 

Turbo-charge your leadership growth

Step One
Take the Resilient Leaders Assessment (RLA®)

Resilient Leaders Assessment (RLA®)

This easy-to-use online assessment takes around 45 minutes and asks you to answer 70 questions about who you are and what you do as a leader.

Part 1

An honest evaluation of how often you currently do the specific things associated with Resilient Leaders.

Slide the marker up and down the frequency scale to describe your current position:



NB: The slider can be placed anywhere along the 100 point scale.

Your strengths and areas for development will then be shown as a consolidated whole, with the ability to delve deeper into each facet to understand more.  

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