Consultant story:

Alex Webb, Resilient Leaders Consultant

We asked Alex Webb-Spring, business and leadership behaviour coach to tell us about her experience.

"The game changer for me was the strength engine.  It made me search for those things I was good at and do effortlessly.  By doing that exercise and then strength testing it with people who really know me, helped me see what I was capable of.  


It has given me a language to describe what I excel at in a confident and positive way." 


Why did you need leadership training?

Some of my colleagues had gone through the process and told me I had to!  Once I was on it though, and started benefiting from all the amazing resources and people on our cohort, I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process.  Until that point, I never really saw myself as a leadership coach, I didn’t realise how good I was at delivering content I believed in.  

Why Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE™)?

I was transitioning from industry into leadership development and you caught me at a time when I needed a clear sense of direction and a framework on which to base my approach.


I saw that the RLE™ gives a structure and context for the other tools I use with leaders like C-Me colour profiling.  In addition, the opportunity to work with other professionals was a real differentiator.  I learnt a huge amount from my ‘buddy group’ during the accreditation, they asked great questions and helped shape my thinking. 

It gave me the confidence to say yes to things that I previously would have passed on to others.  I wouldn’t have had the clarity of direction to set up TLRdynamics and I now have the confidence to talk to anyone at any level about how I can help.

How have the Challenges helped you professionally?

The latest challenge I’m working on has had an impact for me financially.  It has given me the confidence to re-evaluate my worth and specifically how much I should charge for my work.


Having the RLE™ and the RLDP™ means I know my clients are getting something of real value and my support and coaching is adding a greater depth of development for them - both personally and for their organisations.  They give me a framework and a start point for a really productive conversation especially in my coaching and development work.

What stories do you have about the impact the RLE™ and RLDP™ have made?

Leadership Programme

I’ve recently run a 4-month leadership OPTIMISE programme for the Board of a cyber security company.  I used the RLE™ as a framework for the 4 workshops and got them to take the RLA® at the beginning and at the end.

I was able to show that my intervention improved their resilient leadership performance by 46%. My next step is to use the TRANSFORM team programme to add value to the wider team.  They would say they now have the confidence to get the best out of each other and the rest of the business. 

One-to-one coaching

I work with many leaders with one-to-one coaching.  One leader, who works within large charity, started out thinking they had to be strong and invulnerable. Now, they understand ‘who they are’ and the value they bring to their role and also their team. Showing their vulnerability has been a game changer for them, building trust with those they work with.  The key for their 36% of leadership growth as been due to the time invested in the RLDP™ challenges. The trust between us has also grown which puts me in a position to continue developing as they move within the company. 

RLE™ masterclass

I’m using it with a group of business owners members group and run some RLE master classes for them.  People there have taken it back to their businesses and have found it really useful.  They are saying they now understand how to lead authentically having really considered their values as part of our Leadership Presence Workshop.  

What would you say to anybody considering the resilient leaders consultant accreditation course?

I would tell them the impact it has had on me.  It’s helped me become stronger, more confident and more self-aware, giving me a robust framework from which to explore with my clients.  The accreditation itself does take more time than you think but it is truly worth it.  One additional tip - make sure you engage with your buddy, as you’ll get so much more out of it.