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Consultant story:

Cheryl Singleton, Resilient Leaders Consultant

We asked Cheryl Singleton, a leader with over 20 years experience in primary school education, to tell us about her experience.

"Learning is my business, it never stops and there are no limits.


This applies to my five year old pupils, my new and established teachers and to myself as a leader - there is always more to learn."

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Why Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE™)?

RLE is tailored to me and it challenges me constantly. Using the tool has given me a clear view of who I am and what I do, my strengths are clear and so are the areas that I need support in. By engaging with the challenges I have been able to finally address the elements I have always found difficult and to finally stop falling through the same holes!


Because RLE is always accessible I have found that I use it more at the extremes of my confidence levels; when I am feeling that I have everything in hand it really helps me identify the next level up and during my 'dark night of the soul' it pulls me up to forge a way through.

RLE has highlighted my strengths, these have been identified by others and pointed out to me but RLE has helped me finally acknowledge and 'own' them. 

What's your view on RLE™ and leadership in schools?

I believe there is huge potential for RLE to support established and aspiring leaders in schools. I am now rolling this out to my senior team as well as trialling it with some middle leaders. There has been nothing so far that I have seen in education that focuses on developing every element of leadership in a way that the RLE can.


I am excited to offer my staff team bespoke leadership development as they move through their career. 

What would you say to anybody considering the resilient leaders consultant accreditation course?

From someone who comes from working purely in schools the idea of working with 'business' people from large and small corporations was an intimidating thought! 

The course was inspiring, challenging and also reassuring - leadership is leadership, the arena is not the focus and I really enjoyed being part of the group, and now part of the wider consulting group. 
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