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Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP) 

RLDP LITE: Challenge Engine

The Challenge Engine enables you work on your trickiest development areas by executing tailored challenges and reviewing your performance.

The full RLDP gives you access to a large database of challenges tailored to your development needs. 

Your challenge

Your development area: You could be more effective if you develop your appreciation of your own and others' motivations, cultures, strengths and weaknesses and using this knowledge to adapt to the forces that affect your changing environment.

Try this challenge to get you started: 

Take time to consider what others bring to different situations.

Choose three people you work well with. Make a list of their strengths and motivations. Once you've done that, take each person in turn and write down the situations where they would contribute the most.

Review the Challenge:

  • What was the impact?

  • What was easy?

  • What was hard?

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The full RLDP gives you access to a large database of Challenges tailored to your development needs


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