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Multinational Facilities Management and Construction Company

Developing leaders able to manage change and uncertainty though a period of rapid growth as part of an existing programme.

During a period of rapid growth, with considerable change and uncertainty, the organisation needed to develop leaders able to take people along with them, inspiring confidence and building resilience into the organisation. 

Resilient leaders elements (RLE™) needed to be incorporated into an existing 9-month cross-divisional programme to:

Align leadership across an international business of 80,000 people spread across 5 divisions

Get rid of the

silo mentality

Bring to life the organisation’s Vision, Values & SustainAbilities Programme

Become a more attractive employer through developing and nurturing talent


Resilient Leaders Elements Solution


Working alongside the organisation’s L&D division RLE™ delivered an integrated programme founded on RLE™principles, that provided:

  • A consistent and constant leadership thread 

  • A language and methodology for measuring leadership growth

  • A narrative for participants to describe their progression and growth

  • Insightful data points to measure return on investment



The programme resulted in an increase in growth of 19% when participants used the virtual coach alongside the programme. Growth of 10% was also seen in participants who weren’t encouraged to use the virtual coach.


The programme also achieved:

  • Consistent growth in areas where participants undertook Resilient Leadership Development Programme (RLDP™) challenges

  • Increased growth for participants who also received one-to-one coaching

  • Growth in motivation of participants to work on leadership development outside of the official time allocated to the programme


growth in participants who took part in the Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP™) with a virtual coach

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