Be more confident creating, building and taking opportunities

Understand your strengths and areas for development as a leader via this easy-to-use online development programme.


Pull-out  (animated version of 4 circles diagram – separate circles that merge into logo format)


4 interdependent elements, each with 3 facets:

  • Awareness

  • Clarity of Direction

  • Leadership Presence

  • Resilient Decision Making


Visual of an actual result broken down into 12 facets.


Develop your resilient leadership

'muscle memory'

  • Define what you’re good at so that you can revert to this when in doubt yourself or going through difficult times (strength engine)

  • Take challenges your ‘virtual coach’ sets for you in areas that you need to develop (challenge engine)

  • See other people’s feedback on your strengths and weaknesses (feedback engine)

In your own time  |  At your own pace  |  Just £80 per month


This easy-to-use online assessment takes around 45 minutes and asks you to answer 70 questions about who you are and what you do as a leader.


Show visual of Q with slider.

Your strengths and areas for development will then be shown as a consolidated whole, with the ability to delve deeper into each facet to understand more.  


Take up to ten challenges per development area, maintaining a learning log and tracking the time it takes you to complete each challenge.
You’re encouraged to record your reflections on your development journey.
Individuals completing seven or more challenges showed a 31% leadership growth on average.

*Data from bespoke programme for Multinational Facilities Management and Construction Company

Review and print out reports on your progress as everything is tracked.


Show visual of a challenge and report


Invite others to provide feedback on who you are and what you do as a leader to sense check your assessment and areas for growth.


Show visual of result with feedback


When you are ready, re-take the RLA® to understand where you have grown and where there is room for improvement.


Continue to develop in these areas by taking more challenges through the RLDP™.

Make on-going progress

Choose to use the RLDP for as long as you need to. 

See benefits in just one month*

*over 20% growth was seen across all areas in 396 participants on Leadership in Action Programmes run by RLE™.

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