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Major British Retail Bank

Creating cohesion between new and existing employees.

The bank needed to review the graduate trainee selection programme and find a better way to recruit the best graduates whilst also keeping branch staff aligned.

Both graduate trainees and shop floor staff were struggling to work together cohesively, resulting in:

Graduate attrition of 88% - with graduates feeling isolated and with little in common

Graduates feeling unable to be open about their strengths and weaknesses so training needs were missed

Low advocacy for the graduate selection process at branch level - 40% of branch staff felt they had no control over graduate recruitment

Friction between existing shop floor staff and graduate trainees


Resilient Leaders Elements Solution

The RLE™ process was used as a framework with the core principles of inclusion, control and openness:

  • Branch managers and staff were involved to highlight elements they felt were most important

  • Graduate trainee candidates were encouraged to be open and honest in describing their strengths and weaknesses

  • Each candidate’s development programme was then devised taking into account feedback from branch as well as their own.



Graduates were able to develop more successful relationships and careers within the Bank resulting in:

  • Graduate attrition dropping from 88% to 2% in two years

  • Increased diversity of intake – up to 55% female and 20% ethnic minority candidates 

  • Branch advocacy of the selection programme increasing from 60% to 95%


The manager of the graduate training programme reported striking changes in the way the graduates came together and that they seemed to have a great deal more in common before they’d even started.


drop in graduate attrition (88% to 2% in two years)

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