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Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP) 

Your FREE assessment - assess and develop your capability in the four Resilient Leaders Elements

This trial features a reduced number of assessment questions, but will give you an insight into your strengths against the Resilient Leaders Elements and gives you a challenge to develop your resilient leadership.

Upgrade to the full Resilient Leaders Development Programme

Terms and conditions


You have the option to download your assessment at the end of the trial, at which point all data is deleted and not stored by Resilient Leaders Elements. This means you have complete control of how your results are stored and shared, but does mean you cannot log in and access your trial at a later date on our website.  

Please note: if you sign-up to the full RLDP you will always be able to access your information online. 

By signing up to take the trial you are agreeing for us to collect your name and email address, which may be used at a later date for updates and marketing.  If at any point you would like to stop receiving communications from us you can unsubscribe at the bottom of any email, or contact us at  You also have the right to have all of your information deleted which can be requested via email at any time. 

For our full Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy please follow the links here. 

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