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British Multinational Telecommunications Company

Equipping leaders to lead through change whilst managing high levels of organisational and personal uncertainty.

The top 30 leaders responsible for the organisation’s service delivery were entering a period of restructuring, merger and transformation. They needed the capability to lead the organisation through these changes whilst managing high levels of organisational and personal uncertainty.

Resilient Leaders Elements needed to ensure that leaders could:

Lead teams with confidence and authority

Inspire loyalty and confidence in teams they lead

Ensure business as usual whilst also navigating change

Ensure individuals engaged positively with changes which affected them directly such as threat of redundancy


Resilient Leaders Elements Solution

A Leading in Uncertainty Programme that combined resilient leaders workshops with one-to-one coaching.


The programme aimed to:

  • Build confidence

  • Create an open, honest, engaged and dynamic leadership community

The programme focused on delivering measurable growth in:

  • Awareness

  • Leadership presence

  • Clarity of direction

  • Resilient decision making

Each leader built a customised personal development plan that delivered growth in a highly focused way.



Qualitative feedback from participants showed that the programme helped them to deliver millions of pounds worth of efficiencies through:

  • Effective leadership

  • Communication

  • Decision-making at a critical time


Leaders felt they were better able to:

  • Anticipate and act on opportunities and threats

  • Manage pressure and stress

  • Be more confident, focused and authentic


of efficiencies achieved through improvements in leadership

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