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Transform groups into

high-performing resilient teams

Resilient leaders (RLE™) consultants care deeply about developing leadership capability in themselves and other people.  They seek to break stubborn habits that hinder effectiveness and ensure rapid progress in people and organisations. 


Consultants come from a range of professional backgrounds but all share the same passion to succeed and to enable others to do the same.

If that sounds like you, then join our global community of leadership consultants who share, challenge and support each other to learn, develop and achieve

Becoming an accredited resilient leaders consultant will enable you to:
  • Become competent and confident in the use of the RLE™

  • Have greater credibility as a resilient leadership coach

  • Be part of a global community, supported by the RLE™ brand

  • Access RLE™ materials and marketing to grow your practice

What do resilient leaders consultants do once accredited?

  • Leadership development  professionals – providing coaching, group facilitation and organisational development

  • Business or project team leaders – aiming to get the best from their people and organisations

  • Trainers – building longevity into their short-term interactions with groups

  • Educators – leading groups of teachers and pupils

  • Researchers – leading research projects

  • Creative thinkers – helping organisations to see the world differently

The 6-month accreditation course includes:
  • 2-hour video-call group session every week     
  • One piece of coursework per week 
  • Buddy work to jointly share and learn from coursework
  • One-to-one with founders Rachel McGill or Jeremy Mead
  • Final 30-minute presentation to the group at the end of the 6 months
  £1,200 + VAT
Working Over Coffee

Next course starts 27 Jan 2020

Phase One
Modules 1 - 2
6 hours

Introduction to the Resilient Leaders Elements programme

Participants are introduced to the thinking behind the tool, how it was developed and tested and how it works in practice.



All consultants undertake and continue to use the RLDP™ throughout their practice. This means that not only are they continuously growing as individuals but will have personal experience of what it is like to use the tool.



All participants are paired with another consultant undergoing the accreditation course. Together you will support and challenge each other, applying the principles of the RLE™ model as you progress.

Using the Resilient Leaders Elements (RLE™) with your clients

Most of our consultants use the Resilient Leaders Development Programme (RLDP™) as a framework for leadership programmes, with participants undertaking the RLDP™ assessment and devising growth programmes based on areas of need.


Many of our consultants offer a combination of one-to-one coaching, workshops or longer-term leadership development programmes.


Almost all of our consultants continue to use the RLDP™ to remain aligned and to continue to grow their own leadership resilience, often continuing to work with their buddy or RLE™ founders and accreditors.

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