“I’ve saved £350,000 for this business with recent changes. I would not have had the confidence to go that hard with the cuts if it hadn’t been for this programme helping me to be clear about my vision and leadership.” 

Leader, Multinational Facilities Management and Construction Company


We help people across all sectors and with varying amounts of leadership experience to make the right decisions to achieve their vision in the face of challenge and uncertainty. 


Resilient Leaders Elements is:

  • A unique approach to resilient leadership development that creates a sustainable way of living and learning

  • A robust model developed and delivered over 20 years with thousands of leaders across a range of sectors

  • Devised by specialists who deliver tangible, visible, applied growth within a month

Know what takes you from pressure to stress and how to bounce back

The RLE™ model reveals how strong you are in each of these areas:

Resilient Leaders Elements is:

  • Practically based and universally applicable

  • Demonstrable and evidence based

  • Concerned with cognitive and emotional functions

RLE™ was created by senior leaders from a variety of sectors including FTSE 100 companies and the military.

They came together to develop a robust resilient leadership model, defining what makes a resilient leader and the essential behaviours involved.

You’ll get a pragmatic view of how often the necessary behaviours are displayed with clear direction for areas of development and ways to develop and measure growth.

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