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Resilient Leader's Assessment® LITE

RLDP™ LITE: My development

Grow as a leader - identifying your key strengths and making progress in your development areas. 
Your top three strengths

The purpose of understanding your strengths is so that you can call on them in times of uncertainty. These strengths can help you when you are in doubt about ‘what to do’ or ‘how to be’.

The full RLDP has a more versatile engine, enabling you to work more effectively with your strengths. 

Strength Engine: These are your top three strengths. Decide how you will use them in the future. 

I create alignment through effective communication with a wide range of people.

I am a positive force, encouraging people and helping them stay focused.

I am a creative problem solver.

Your development areas

The purpose of understanding your development areas is so that you can work on them over time, building understanding and confidence as you go. 

The full RLDP gives you access to hundreds of challenges tailored to your development needs. 

Your development area: You could be more effective if you develop your appreciation of your own and others' motivations, cultures, strengths and weaknesses and using this knowledge to adapt to the forces that affect your changing environment.

Try this challenge to get you started: 

Take time to consider what others bring to different situations.

Choose three people you work well with. Make a list of their strengths and motivations. Once you've done that, take each person in turn and write down the situations where they would contribute the most.

Review the Challenge:

  • What was the impact?

  • What was easy?

  • What was hard?

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Congratulations on completing your RLA® LITE!

Don't miss out - have your report emailed straight to your inbox.

Upgrade to the full RLDP to: 

  • Achieve your goals

  • Build highly effective relationships

  • Know that you'll make the right decision at the right time

Full RLDP subscribers can access their information anytime


Insight into: Full RLDP development engines

The Strength Engine helps you through difficult times by drawing on the strengths identified in your Resilient Leaders Assessment (RLA®).


These strengths can help you when you are in doubt about ‘what to do’ or ‘how to be’.

Strength Engine

The Challenge Engine enables you work on your key development areas by executing tailored challenges and reviewing your performance.  


The challenges are selected for you from a database of hundreds that have been created by real leaders.

Challenge Engine

Work on the areas that make the biggest impact by comparing your self-assessment with that of people who know you really well through the Feedback Engine.  


It gives you confidence that the action you take as a result will make a real difference to you and those around you.

Feedback Engine
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